Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Brew Brunswick-Pump House S.O.B.

 Pump House Brewery's Special Old Bitter is a tasty English-style pale ale that pours a cloudy copper. It is sold in 341mL bottles and contains 5% alcohol. It is topped by an average amount of white head and is mildly carbonated.

The S.O.B. has a hoppy aroma with sweet caramel undertones. The brew is unexpectedly thin on the front end, but builds to a nice, full, hoppy finish. Toasty toffee notes and a pleasant sweet malt character lurk behind the pleasantly hoppy taste. The real strength of this beer is its wonderful aftertaste--robust, bitter and slightly metallic.  The aftertaste elevates this one from a respectable 7.5 rating to a solid 8.0. Definitely worth trying.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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