Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Staropramen Premium Beer

As a beer lover, one of the travel destinations I would most like visit is Prague, Czech Republic.  So many fantastic beers are Czech or Czech-inspired.  If anyone is at a loss about what to give me for my next birthday, plane tickets to Prague would be a nice touch.

Staropramen Premium Beer is a fine example of pale lager from Prague.  Sold in 500mL cans, this little fella weighs in at 5% alcohol.  It is a very clear brew, with the nice golden colour of apple juice.  It has a grainy, bready aroma with an aluminum kick.
My wonderful partner took the time to review this one with me.  In her opinion, Staropramen tastes light and is noticeably fizzy, with an apple-y undertaste.  She says it is more fizz than substance and has a refreshing, slightly bready aftertaste.  In her opinion, this is a great session beer.

In my opinion, the flavour is quite doughy and moves from sweet to bitter.  It has a fairly bulky, bitter aftertaste that is quite tinny and tends to linger.  This is not a bad little lager.

This brew is worth trying, but it's not apt to leave you awestruck.  It's more of a reliable, stalwart mug o' suds.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Partner would have given this a remarkable 9.0, particularly due to its foam moustache potential).

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