Saturday, 11 February 2012

Brooklyn Local #1

 The Brooklyn Brewery of Brooklyn, New York has a solid reputation for brewing excellence and, in my opinion, it's well deserved.  Their Local #1 is no exception.  It's sold in a corked, large format bottle that has an excellent shape.  Weighing in at a virile 9%, Local #1 pours a cloudy, brassy orange-y colour--it looks a lot like a weiss beer.  It is capped by an extremely fluffy cloud of white head and features a strong aroma that is both sweet and yeasty.  These suds have an interesting flavour that manages to be both tangy and bready.  It is a very sweet beer, with an almost cider-like quality.  This brew has a strong flavour and is very filling, but the elevated alcohol content is well-masked.  But for the warming feeling, you'd never know that there was 9% alcohol in this beer until you fall off your stool.
 You'd better believe that an easy-drinking, high gravity brew with an interesting flavour and sold in a large format bottle is going to get my tick of approval.  This one's more than worth a try.
Rating:  8.5 out of 10.

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