Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Brew Brunswick-Picaroons Best Bitter

This is, in many ways, the beer that started it all for me.  Picaroons Best Bitter was the first craft beer that ever caught my attention.  It made me realize that beer could be more than the generic national brands and multinational imports.  To this day, Picaroons Best Bitter remains one of my all-time favourite brews.  As a new Ontarian, I've missed this glorious ale a lot (Picaroons is only available in New Brunswick) and I have been eagerly anticipating an opportunity to renew my acquaintance with it.  But I've also been a bit apprehensive.  Since moving to Ontario, I've learned so much about beer.  My tastes have refined and my preferences have progressed.  Would a pint of Best Bitter still rock my world?  As it turns out, the short answer is yes.
If you've been reading my blog recently, you'll have observed that I've spent a lot of time reviewing Picaroons products, and that they get favourable marks.  Picaroons is a fantastic brewery.  They're small, innovative, and reliable.  Of all their brews, the Best Bitter is by far the head of the class.  It is sold in 500mL bottles featuring a goofy looking rustic woodsman.  It contains 5.2% alcohol and pours a nice, clear, brownish amber colour.  There is a very thin crown of sudsy tan head and very little carbonation.

Best Bitter has a hoppy aroma accented by a gooey caramel undertone.  The initial taste is sweet and buttery, but this quickly gives way to a robust, bitter body.  This hoppy bitterness persists into the aftertaste and is still on the palate when it's time for the next sip.  The bitterness is accented by warm notes of caramel.

To this day, Picaroons Best Bitter remains one of my very favourite beers.  I love that it is both complex and drinkable.  I love that it's great from a bottle or on tap.  I love that it comes from my hometown.  And I love that it is just as good as I remember.  Buy this beer.

Rating: 10.0 out of 10.

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