Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brew Brunswick-Feels Good Imperial Pilsner

 The good folks at Picaroons put together an imperial pilsner named for Feels Good, a very cool New Brunswick arts and music community.  The brew, in its 500mL bottle, is watched over by a hilariously adorable crowned pug--regal.  It is also adorned by the slogan "Because it feels good...tastes even better". The Feels Good Imperial Pilsner clocks in at a roomy 7.0%.  It pours a slightly cloudy golden orange colour and features lively carbonation and a ring of white head.  FGIP has a pleasant, warm, bready aroma. It is very mild and easy-drinking for such a high gravity brew.  It begins with an initial taste of bread and yeast that gives way to sweet fruitiness.  There are notes of tangerine and peach.  The aftertaste is just slightly bitter.
Many sweetish, strong beers are overly malty.  Not so with the Feels Good Imperial Pilsner.  This brew is nicely balanced between malt and a pleasant, effervescent fruitiness.  Definitely worth sampling.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.


  1. Where's the rating?

  2. Good catch, Anonymous. A rating has been added.