Tuesday, 28 February 2012

La Vache Folle--Columbus and Aramis Double IPAs

Here's a rarity for this blog--a double post.  Think of this as the blog equivalent of a rare, collector's issue.  The reason for the toofer?  Two interesting produced by Baie Saint-Paul, Quebec's MicroBrasserie Charlevoix.  Both beers are extremely punchy double IPAs, both measure in at 9%, and both are sold in remarkably similar bottles featuring a mad cow.  The sole difference apparently is the type of hops used.

The first, Columbus, pours a fairly clear copper colour, with a frothy head.  The brew features a hoppy aroma of pine, with a zesty orange peel kick.  This brew is REALLY sweet for an IPA, with candied orange notes layered over a bitter, piney base.  Columbus leaves a sweet residue on the lips after every sip.  While the aftertaste is underscored by bitterness, it remains very sweet through the finish.
The Columbus Double IPA is a strong ass beer that is deceptively sweet and highly alcoholic.  It is an interesting take on the strong IPA, and definitely worth a try.

The second, Aramis,  pours a slightly cloudy, dull orange colour.  It has mild to medium carbonation and is capped with a dense, foamy head.  According to the label, the Aramis hops used to brew this beer comes from Alsace.  The aroma is both peppery and hoppy.  Flavour-wise, Aramis is very strong and very complicated.  It kicks off with a sweet, malty body and leads into an aftertaste that is bitter, piquant, and alcohol-heavy.
 The Aramis Double IPA is a bold brew that is unlikely to be everybody's cup of tea.  However, fans of strong, pungent ales are apt to dig this one

Rating(s): 7.5 (Columbus) and 8.0 (Aramis)

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