Sunday, 19 February 2012

Éphémère Pomme

 UNIBROUE!  Is there anything these guys don't do well?  Their  Éphémère Pomme is an excellent fruit flavoured brew--delicate, effervescent, and still undeniably beer.  From Chambly, Quebec, this little gem comes in 750mL bottles and has a respectable 5.5% alcohol content.  It pours a cloudy, yellow-orange colour with a thin but persistent white head.  It has a sweet, yeasty aroma, with a malty base note.  The flavour is sweet with a blast of green apple tartness.  It is a very lively, bubbly little brew that is quite cheerful on the palate.  The aftertaste remains apple-y, but is also considerably yeasty.

This is an upbeat little biere.  Quite delicious and very interesting, it is definitely worth buying.  I wouldn't want to sit down for a session, but one big bottle hits the spot.  I have a feeling that this beer would be a brilliant addition to a summer picnic.
I also love the label.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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