Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ochakovo Premium Lager

After focusing on New Brunswick beers for the last several posts, its time to change tacks and go global.  Specifically, my tastebuds are headed to Russia to sample Moscow's Ochakovo Premium Lager.  Ochakovo is a 4.5% alcohol pale lager that is served in 500mL ringtop bottles.  The ringtop features an elegant instructional diagram on the back of the bottle.

The brew pours an extremely light, straw colour.  There is a mountain of white head and tons of carbonation.  Notably, this beer is exceptionally clear.  Ochakovo has a pastoral aroma--grainy and yeasty.  It has a light flavour of corn and wheat.  The taste moves from sweet to bitter, and ends with a mild hop aftertaste.
Ochakovo isn't exactly crisp like most Eastern European pale lagers.  In fact, it's a touch sweeter than many of its contemporaries.  It is too light for my tastes, but it is extremely drinkable and has a mild, inoffensive flavour that will appeal to a wide array of drinkers.  This brew is not bad, but nothing special either.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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