Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Great Lakes Brewery-Crazy Canuck Pale Ale

Keeping with the theme of tandem brew reviews, I invited my good friend Krista to join me in reviewing Great Lakes Brewery's Crazy Canuck Pale Ale.  Krista was in Toronto visiting from America.  After taking in Jack Layton's funeral from David Pecault Square, we were in definite need of a drink.  To that end, we headed on down to a local watering hole and ordered ourselves a couple of pints on tap.  Crazy Canuck is brewed in Toronto and according to the label, weighs in at 5.2%.
Krista characterized Crazy Canuck as having a translucent light bronze colour.  There was a fair amount of pale white head and the beer is moderately carbonated.  According to Krista, Crazy Canuck "smells like a pale ale" and features apricot notes.  The flavour is tinny, metallic and sharp and the aftertaste doesn't stick.

I found the colour to be a slightly cloudy gold.  It's highly carbonated for a pale.  There isn't much head, but there is a fair amount of lace.  The aroma is really hoppy, but with subtle orange and peach tones.  The taste is hop-oriented, but complex.  It is initially bitter and finishes sweetly with an almost peachy flavour.

Krista and I agreed that the Crazy Canuck Pale Ale was a solid brew.  Krista isn't really a fan of pale ales in general, but was willing to give this one a 7.5.  As a fan of pales, I was willing to go as high as an 8.0.  It's a nice beer-well balanced and tasty.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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