Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rock Bottom Brewery I.P.A.

Here's an unruly post.  I'm going to attempt to author a three person review.  My brother, my Dad and I were in Chicago for a conference and went out in search of some local beer.  Rock Bottom Brewery is not exclusive to Chicago--rather, it is a chain of breweries with locations in many U.S. cities.  However, they brew on site and it's something we can't get in Canada.
After much discussion and perusal of the beer list, we three settled on the I.P.A.  We each had a pint on tap.  My familial colleagues said that the beer is honey coloured, or as my Dad put it, "failed amber."  In my opinion, it was a cloudy orange with a moderate amount of head.  It closely resembles a witbier.  I was unable to determine the I.P.A.'s alcohol content at the bar or at Rock Bottom's website.

According to Brother Rob, the beer has a strong citrus smell, tastes of grapefruit and has a lingering aftertaste.  My Pops claimed a malty citrus smell.  After one sip he exclaimed "Talk about grapefruit!"  Finally, Dad cryptically observed that "one sip encourages another."

In my opinion, the I.P.A. had an extremely hop heavy aroma.  The taste moves from sweet to bitter, and just as my co-reviewers noted, there is an undeniable grapefruit taste.  The aftertaste is fairly bitter with a bit of orange peel flavour.
The three of us agreed that this was a fine beer.  Not exceptional, but pretty tasty.  It wasn't really what we were expecting, since it had only understated bitterness.  Still, well worth a try if you pass by a Rock Bottom Brewery.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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