Thursday, 29 September 2011

Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm is an extremely clear and incredibly pale straw coloured Catalan Pilsner.  This brew, born in Barcelona, Spain, is sold in handsome red and gold 500mL cans and features a gold star (estrella is Spanish for star).  It has a relatively light alcohol content, clocking in at 4.6%.  It is the primary beer produced by the S.A. Damm brewery.
Estrella Damm has a fine, white head and a fair amount of pretty, clinging lace.  It is quite carbonated, though it doesn't taste overly fizzy.  The bubbles rise in fine, vertical lines when poured.  There is an aroma of wheat and citrus.  The taste is very mild: slightly buttery with faint notes of grass and citrus.  This is a very light cerveza with a thin mouthfeel.  Notably, there is almost no aftertaste at all.

This is a fine beer for a sunny afternoon.  I enjoyed it with a cheap cigar during at halftime during a Raiders telecast.  It is highly sessionable, since it is crisp, smooth and easy drinking.  However, it is, at best, an unremarkable pale lager.  To rate higher, it would need to have a bit more flavour and character.  While I would probably buy this beer again, it won't ever be a staple in my refrigerator.

Rating:  7.0 out of 10.


  1. Hello Stout Man;

    I really enjoy your blog.

    I'm not actually commenting - more like submitting a request.

    While in Maine recently, I had the pleasure of quaffing a Double Bag Ale, from the Long Trail Brewing Company in Vermont.

    I enjoyed it immensely. The trouble is, I had just finished an eight-hour hike over very rugged terrain, so I was tired and dehydrated, and if somebody had slipped me a stein full of well-chilled donkey piss, I would have proclaimed it the best drink ever.

    I then slipped across the border back into Canada without acquiring a bottle or two (of ale, not donkey piss) to taste in more neutral conditions.

    So my request is - can you track down and taste this (tentatively) excellent ale - I would be interested to hear a disinterested opinion.

    Katahdin Climber

  2. Katahdin Climber,

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying my blog. I have never come across Double Bag Ale, but rest assured, the second I do, I'll be sure to give it a taste and post my thoughts here.

    Thanks for the recommendation!