Saturday, 17 September 2011

Victoria Bitter (VB)

On NFL Fantasy Draft night, I reached for a cigar and a bottle of VB and headed out to the back porch.  Despite the fact that my team is average at best, I managed to enjoy my night.  VB, or more officially Victoria Bitter, is a tasty bitter lager from Melbourne, Australia.  It is sold in awesome 375mL stubby bottles and checks in at 4.6%.
VB pours a clear, yellowish amber colour.  There is a moderate amount of head and lace though not a lot of carbonation.  It features a malty aroma that offers the promise of hops.  The taste is fairly nicely balanced, if perhaps a touch sweet.  The name suggests bitterness, and there is some, but it isn't the main focus.  It has a coppery finish.  The brew has almost a ginger ale quality and is a great sessionional-it is tasty and drinkable with only a moderate amount of alcohol.

I do have a problem with VB that bears mentioning.  It is sold in a hateful soft plastic excuse for a six-pack--more like a garbage bag than a proper beer vessel.  This brew comes in great, even iconic, stubby bottles and it has a great looking label.  Why on earth would they insist on selling it in an inconvenient and unattractive sack?

Ridiculous packaging notwithstanding, this is a pretty good beer.  It is definitely worth trying or, for those of you who have already tried it, worth revisiting.  It isn't world class, but it is solid enough.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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