Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Amsterdam Brewery-Two Fisted Stout

When I ordered the Two Fisted Stout, I didn't realize that it was an Amsterdam Brewery product.  It was a "guest tap" at a local pub and the name sounded cool, so I decided to give it a whirl.  In fact, I didn't find out until days later that Amsterdam was the responsible party.  This is noteworthy, because I haven't found myself terribly impressed with Amsterdam's products.  The ones I've tried are all drinkable and modestly enjoyable, but none of them has shown a lot of character.  Therefore, this was as close to a blind taste test as one of their beers is apt to get on my blog.

The Two Fisted Shout pours a dark colour with faint reddish highlights when held to the light.  There is a modest amount of dark tan head, though not a lot of lace.  The aroma is that of roasted nuts.  It is toasty and slightly smokey.  According to the Amsterdam website, the TFS measures in at 4.3%.
The beer has an oddly thin mouthfeel for a stout.  Unlike many stouts, this one is not thick and creamy.  In short, it doesn't drink like a meal.  The flavour has the requisite molasses taste, but also a slight smokiness that feels a bit out of place.  Still, none of these elements are unpleasant.  In fact, were they the only constituent elements, this beer would get a considerably higher rating as a unique variation of the stout format.  The problem is the aftertaste.  It is disagreeably sour.  This is not what I am looking for in a stout.  I want something that finishes smoothly and sticks around for breakfast.  Assuming that the keg I sampled from wasn't skunky and was actually representative of the TFS, this brew needs to take some aftertaste lessons.

Still, all told, Amsterdam has exceeded my expectations by creating a beer that takes some risks.  I appreciate that.  It's a stout with a lot of flavour and probably worth a shot.  I would try it again if the opportunity presented itself.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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