Friday, 5 May 2017

Steamworks Jasmine IPA

Steamworks Jasmine IPA comes from Vancouver, British Columbia--born of the Steamworks Brewing Co. I bought a 650mL bottle of the 6.5% alcohol nectar at my local shop--the weirdo steampunk/Japanese label made it an easy purchase. According to the specs, it's brewed with jasmine flowers and clocks in at a vigourous 60 IBUs.

Jasmine IPA proved to be a slightly hazy golden ale under a sudsy off-white head. It has a slightly floral aroma that isn't all that potent. The flavour has considerably more ups, with a bitter trend that splits between citrus and floral elements. As well, the taste seems boozier than one might expect from the 6.5% figure. The finish is dry and enjoyably brittle.

This was an enjoyable IPA. I'd have called for a slightly richer nose and a slightly higher percentage, but the beer I got was compelling enough, and entirely pleasant. It's cleverly sold in large format bottles, since I'd thirstily down 650mL of the stuff, but a sixer might be a bit too much.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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