Monday, 29 May 2017

Hop Trapp IPA

The Bitter Wife and I spent a weekend in Dallas, Texas to check out the excellent Old 97's Country Fair. While there, we ducked into a little pub on Main Street called the City Tavern and I ordered myself a pint of Hop Trapp IPA. Hop Trapp comes from Lakewood Brewing Company in Garland, Texas. It contains 6.4% alcohol.

My pint arrived looking nice--slightly hazy, deep amber-hued with a thin layer of off-white head that could have had a bit more depth. It had an oddly yeasty aroma that had me questioning whether it was actually an IPA (after the fact, I googled it and learned that it is a Belgian-style IPA), but there was some hops pop in there too. The flavour continued to demonstrate a fair level of yeastiness.  Along that were faint peach notes and a hefty resinous hop display.

This wasn't the best IPA I've ever tried. Don't get me wrong, on a hot Saturday afternoon in downtown Dallas, it was seriously satisfying, but I found it lacked the desired hop crackle and astringency. I'm not likely to buy it again, mostly due to its yeastiness.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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