Monday, 15 May 2017

Express India Session Lager

St. Thomas, Ontario is the home of Railway City Brewing Co. and the birthplace of Express India Session Lager. At 4.8% alcohol, the strength is right for a session beer, though at a mere 18 IBUs, a 473mL can of this brew is pretty light in the hop department for a beer brandishing the "India" moniker. The lager poured with a golden hue. It was clear and had a vibrant white cloud of foam.

To my nose, Express packed a nice aroma rich in citrus fruit and a suggestion of modest bitterness. The flavour proved crisp and easy-drinking, but lacked the bitter heft that I wanted it to possess. Far from brittle, the beer had a fairly engaging taste--fresh and fun, but with no more hoppiness than a modest pilsner. What bitterness it did have, however, did lean closer to that of a craft ale than to a typical lager--crunchy citrus notes lended a bit of value. The finish was short and dry.

Express India Session Lager was, at the same time, engaging and disappointing. It had a micro-brewed ale suggestion that spoke to me, but it lacked the grit packed into India Pale Lagers that I've tried. Some vigorous dry-hopping might have upped the ante a bit. It must be said, though, that the compact and arid finish was a boon--and the "session" in the name was well earned. A beer-sop like me could sink a dangerous number of these little guys and not struggle until too late.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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