Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Stone Imperial Russian Stout

Stone Imperial Russian Stout is a bruiser of an ale from Escondido, California, Stone Brewing Co. At 10.8%, a one pint six ounce bottle of this stuff can make your head spin. The beer is an opaque black liquid. It pours with a thin cover of off-white head.

It has a punchy aroma that blends smokiness and big malt body, with some licorice elements and a mellow mocha tail. The flavour is heavy--lots of sweetness and booze--as well as java, roasted malt, and molasses notes. Over all of that, there is a faint plume of woodsmoke. The finish remains sweet and malty, but adds a touch of leather to the equation. The mouthfeel is calamitously thick and syrupy.

Stone's take on the Imperial Russian Stout is a fine interpretation of the hearty and potent style. It's a very filling and complicated ale that I'd gladly revisit. It was a touch too sweet for me, but it was rich and raucous.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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