Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dan Stouts

In San Diego's Little Italy neighbourhood, I stumbled upon a satellite location of that city's Bolt Brewing Co. Obviously I stopped in. First order of business was an amazingly-named double chocolate stout--Dan Stouts. There was a nitro version and the original. Based on my server's suggestion, I I had a pint of the original l on tap. At 7.6% and 30 IBUs, this sweet stout was almost certainly the wrong choice for an unseasonably warm (for Southern California!) day, but I had to try a brew named in honour of the hirsute quaterback-turned-broadcaster

Dan Stouts was a jet black brew. It turned up with little head, but a jumbo chocolate aroma. It's taste was sweet, chocotastic, and full of roasted malts. The back end packed a pretty hefty hop wallop, too.

As expected, this beer, while well-made and tasty, was the wrong choice for a sweaty, sunny afternoon spent near the Mexican border. I should have ordered a taster size instead of a pint. However, I'm glad I tried it. It was a fine example of a double chocolate stout with a bit of bitterness behind it, and the name was dope. I'd have liked a slightly bolder front end, though. 

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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