Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pouch Envy

Sarnia, Ontario's Refined Fool Brewing Co. has done a bang up job of infiltrating the LCBO with a bevy of their beery beverages. One that recently caught my eye was called Pouch Envy. Billed as an "Australian pale ale", P.E. is a 5% alcohol, 20 IBU brew. Sold in yeller and green 650 mL bottles, the beer within is a modestly hazy, pale golden ale--cheery and bright, with a thick level of white head.

With a crisp, lightly hopped nose built atop grainy aromatics, Pouch Envy had a scent that caught my fancy. It's flavour is modest, but chipper--fresh, grainy, with a touch of shiny bitterness.

Not as potently bitter as an American pale ale, this Aussie version left a bit on the table. Low booze and light body aside, this is a sunny little bräu with definite session potential. A bit too light, but certainly tasty; this is a beer I'd gladly revisit, though it is unlikely to make it into heavy Stout Man rotation.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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