Thursday, 9 June 2016

Farm Table I.P.A.

With a snazzy steamboat motif, a 600mL bottle of Farm Table I.P.A. was a pretty easy sell. This 6% alcohol ale comes from Vankleek Hill, Ontario. It's brewed by standout craft brewery Beau's.

When I upended my bottle, I found a swampy orange-brown product that poured with an extremely lush off-white head. When the head eventually died down a bit, I could detect a faintly metallic tang to the nose layered beneath a pleadingly dank, hoppy scent. The flavour is that of a standard India pale--a nice blend of bitter citrus and evergreen--but executed with a health panache. It starts with a dose of malty sweets before progressing to a musky, aromatic hop presence.

For an IPA, this stuff is a little low test booze-wise. On paper, it is an unremarkable brew, with conventional flavour notes and styling, but it delivers a great taste. In short, it does the ordinary really well. This is a beer well worth seeking out. It's certified organic, too.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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