Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sunnyside Session IPA

Every time I see a new offering from Toronto beer standout Great Lakes Brewery I'm quick to snap it up, and doubly so when the letters "IPA" are in the mix. Given that proclivity, I wasted no time in picking up a couple of 473mL cans of Sunnyside Session IPA as soon as I saw them on the shelf at my preferred local beer vendor. At an extremely low test 3.9% alcohol and just 25 IBUs, this session IPA also qualifies as a light beer. It's hazy, brassy, and covered with an elegant layer of ecru head.

Sunnyside has a dry, fruity aroma, with a decent-sized nod toward bitterness. The flavour is actually quite floral, with some faint citrus leanings.

With its dry and crisp mouthfeel, Sunnyside Session IPA is a thirst quenching machine. It's not as bitter and assertive as many of the other session IPAs currently available, and it could stand to be a few ticks stronger while still maintaining its session label, but Sunnyside is mellow and easy-drinking, with much to like.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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