Monday, 13 June 2016

Quesada: Farmhouse Tripel

On a beautiful holiday Monday, I met my brother near his pad at a place called Folly Brewpub. Folly hadn't been on my thirst radar until I noticed it from the streetcar a few weeks earlier, but since then it had been popping into my head a lot.

While waiting for Little Brudder to arrive, I ordered myself a 12oz pour of Quesada: Farmhouse Tripel. Quesada was a sunny golden ale, hazy, and stroked with slow-moving carbonation. It showed up with a thin measure of bright white head. According to the tap list at Folly, Quesada contained a burly 8.8% alcohol and is dry hopped using Citra and Jarrylo hops.

My beer arrived bearing a powerful aroma that blended punchy yeast elements with dry white wine and tart fruit notes. Its mouthfeel proved to be a bit mellower than I expected, with a nice, smooth texture--not quite the farmhouse fizz I was counting on. Its taste was yeasty, bright, and fruity, with tart apple and pear notes in evidence.

For a Belgian-style ale brewed in Toronto, Quesada really delivered. The farmhouse elements make for an interesting take on the style. It was good enough to make a return to Folly an almost certainty. Not too sweet, plenty strong, and nicely made.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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