Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Two Hearted Ale

Another gift from the astonishing and beer-savvy KC was a couple of 16oz cans of Bell's Brewery's elite Two Hearted Ale. THA is a classic American IPA: it contains a weighty 7% alcohol, pours a hazy and effervescent golden orange, and is crowned with a fluffy eggshell head. A favourite of mine in a past life when I was working in the US of A, Two Hearted Ale comes from Comstock, Michigan.

Grapefruit rind and nicely moderated hops are the key scent elements. The charmingly balanced flavour drifts from assertive, juicy citrus hops to a sweet and stable malt finish.

Drinking Two Hearted Ale on a beautiful late-May afternoon, I was reminded a lot of Boneshaker, the standout Ontario IPA from the Amsterdam Brewing Co. THA has a very similar flavour profile and body, though perhaps executed with a bit more moderation. It's a well-rounded India Pale that it strong, yet approachable. Really, a standout brew.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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