Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cone Ranger

I usually try not to review more than two beers in a sitting, but on the Sunday of a summer long weekend, I visited the newly opened Bandit Brewery and allowed myself a third review: Cone Ranger, an American-style IPA. The copper and amber-hued ale arrived  in front of me, in a 16oz glass marked with Bandit's awesome raccoon logo, looking clearish, with a layer of cream head. At 5.5% alcohol, this beer is less boozy than a typical IPA, though it does pack a virile 60 IBUs.

Cone Ranger had a fresh, hoppy scent, buttressed by a slight metallic tang. The flavour is less hop-focused than many IPAs, preferring instead to kick things off with a rich, toasted malt vibe, before veering into the IBU zone. Caramel and copper notes make this a nicely balanced India pale ale, but there are still enough hops to satisfy a devotee of the bines.

Maybe it could have been hoppier, and definitely could have been stronger, but Cone Ranger was otherwise a nice IPA.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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