Sunday, 9 August 2015


Jackknife is a North American IPA from Kanata, Ontario's Big Rig Brewery. I had a pint of the 6.7% alcohol ale while biding my time on the patio at the Only Cafe, the beery hub of Toronto's east side. My 20oz draught arrived filled with an almost clear liquid, coloured somewhere between copper and honey. It didn't have a whole lot of head to speak of and there was very little carbonation.

Along with notes of citrus and peach, Jackknife's aroma carried a dry bitterness. The beer had a hearty bitter streak, but not much by way of complimentary flavours up front. The back end, however, was both buttery and fruity in small but pleasing levels.

The craft brewing culture in Ontario has given birth to a spate of formidable and excellent IPAs. While Jackknife doesn't measure up to the more prominent among these, it is certainly an enjoyable brew. What it isn't, is innovative. It takes the tried and true hop-heavy formula and runs with it. It's a tad heavy-handed without the niceties I expect from an elite IPA. Still, it should be noted that when my first pint vanished in a matter of minutes, I wasted little time in securing a second--something I interpret as a good sign. 

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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