Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Cerveja Stout Açai

Cerveja Stout Açai came to be as a gift, by way of a traveler to Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest and an all around cool guy. The suds in question hail from Belēm, Brazil, where they're put together by Amazon Beer. I got a single 355mL bottle of the 7.2% alcohol nectar, which I treasured for a few weeks before giving in to temptation. According to a Portuguese label I couldn't read and a bit of logic (it's in the name after all), I deduced that this stout was brewed with açai berries--something new for me.

It was a very dark brew; nearly black, but highlighted with ruby. On top was a fluffy tan head. I realized I was dealing with something unique when I picked the beer up and took a whiff. It had an extremely fruity aroma, but in a sweet, dark, and mysterious fashion. The flavour was not quite as engaging as the nose, but managed to be pretty interesting in its own right--sugary and fruity up front, with a noticeable turn toward bitter at the finish. Dangerously absent were any reminders that this jungle bräu was packing 7.2%.

I feared this beer might be syrupy and saccharine. While it was definitely sweet, it was nicely braced against a decently hoppy backdrop. My only complaint was that after my pint passed the equator, the açai flavour began to take on a slightly medicinal tone that I found a touch unwelcome. That said, though, if you find yourself in the wilds of Brazil, I'd recommend searching out a bottle of Cerveja Stout Açai. It'll be something new.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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