Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Cause & Effect

When I see a beer can with a phrenologic theme, that's a beer that is bound to interest me. When you factor in some of the thought centers being "hoptimism" and "odd notions", my interest increases. So it's little wonder that I was quick to purchase a 473mL can of Cause & Effect, a blonde ale from Burlington, Ontario--aka a sweet spot between Toronto and Hamilton. C&E is brewed by Nickel Brook Brewing Co. It's a blonde ale that contains 19 IBUs and 4.7% alcohol. It's an almost clear brew, pale gold in coloured, and capped with a fairly thin, white head.

Malty, grainy, and grassy through the nose, with more of the same on the palate, Cause & Effect tastes good. However, it might not taste enough for some drinkers. I found myself yearning for a bit more bombast, particularly up front, where the flavour is a bit sparse. The finish, though, contains a pretty healthy measure of floral and dry noble hops to make C&E a beer worth the price of admission.

If you've a hankering for a nice summer brew, and lagers, saisons, radlers, and wits aren't to your taste, Cause & Effect Blonde is a pretty respectable choice. Although it doesn't compare to other, stronger Nickel Brook offerings like Headstock IPA, Bolshevik Bastard, and the stalwart Naughty Neighbour, I'll certainly be buying it again.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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