Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Beer Beer

Beer Beer has to be the most nondescript brew I've ever tried. A native of Red Deer, Alberta, the imaginatively named beverage comes in plain white cans, 355mL, and feature stark red lettering, a few biographical details (5% alcohol, brewed by the Drummond Brewing Company) contact info, a recycling logo, and a barcode. That's it. It doesn't even provide a style--I'm going to say pale lager.

There's not a lot to set the beer inside apart, either. It's pale, haystack yellow, moderately fizzy, clear, and pours with a none-to-durable white head. It has an assertive aroma of noble hops and grain, a thin body, and a mild light lager flavour--grain and plain. Really, this beer is perfectly packaged. It's a serviceable alcohol delivery system, bare of even the faintest bells and whistles. Not bad, really, just nothing.

Beer Beer was a gift from the legendary Reverend Gaiser. It was thoughtful and I really appreciated it. Still, I'm glad he only gave me one.

Rating: 5.0 out of 10.

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