Friday, 21 August 2015

SingleCut Beersmiths

During my wife's 30th birthday trip to New York City, I dragged her all the way to Queens, or more specifically, to Astoria, New York, via public transit, to visit SingleCut Beersmiths. We tried to get there in time for the final tour of the day, but underestimated the length of the trip and missed it. Still, we found a pretty cool little brewery. The food was ordinary, but extremely affordable, and the beer was worth the trip. Plus, it was a hip industrial space and they were playing cool tunes.

 Stay tuned to the Bitter World this week for reviews of three of SingleCut's year-round brews: "Billy" Half Stack IPA, "Dean" PNW Mahogany Ale and "19-33" Queens Lagrrr!.

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