Monday, 30 December 2013

(416) Urban Wheat

(416) Urban Wheat hails from Toronto, Ontario. It's brewed by the Amsterdam Brewery. The (416) is a shout out to one of the most common Toronto area codes--it happens to be mine, actually. (416) also happens to be one of my wife's favourites.

(416) is a wheat beer. It comes in green 355mL bottles and contains a whimsical, but unimpressive 4.16% alcohol. It's a hazy yellow-orange brew with a white head. It has a fresh and ever-so-slightly toasty wheat aroma and a crisp, short flavour. There is some tart fruitiness, mainly in the form of orange peel notes, as well as an unexpectedly toasty and bitter crunch near the finish. All told, it's mild, but fairly interesting beer.

A pretty good brew, I feel like (416) would be a stronger entry if it had a bit more flavour on the front end. I'd also suggest a bit more sweetness, and definitely more booze. Still, a tasty brew. Thirst quenching and refreshing, (416) is more interesting that many domestic "patio beers" on the market.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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