Sunday, 22 December 2013

666 Devil's Pale Ale

666 Devil's Pale Ale is a wicked offering from Toronto, Ontario's Great Lakes Brewery. It clocks in at 6% alcohol.  The can demonstrates the brewers' dedication to the 666 theme.  In addition to the 6% alcohol content, there are, apparently, 666Kgs of malt, 6.66Kgs of hops used in brewing, and it's boiled for 66.6 minutes.  This lovely Ontario pale ale is served up in 473mL cans.

This is a dark, cloudy auburn ale, topped with a creamy head. It has a bitter, hempy aroma. Hops are the driver of the flavour, but the beer has an oddly smooth mouthfeel for so bitter a brew. Some caramel notes are present, but dwarfed by the big hop body, which contains citrus, pine, and hemp leanings. The finish is bitter and dry.

This is a quality pale ale out of the "Heartland Province". It's one that I frequently order when I'm out on the town.  It could, however, be a little bigger on the front end.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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