Saturday, 14 December 2013

Roman Candle IPA

Roman Candle IPA is a tasty offering from my neighbourhood beer artists, Toronto's Bellwoods Brewery. I had a pint on tap at one of my all time favourite Toronto beer sellers, conveniently located just over a stone's throw from my apartment (I love getting locally brewed beer at a locally owned establishment all within about four blocks of my front door).

Sometimes barrooms are dark ...
Roman Candle is a dark, reddish brown ale, topped with a full but quickly thinning tan head. It has a nose that blends toasted brown sugar, dark malts, and dank hops. This beer is very dry and very bitter. It has considerable malt presence, but hops make its engine turn over. The finish is bitter, with a swampy hemp quality.

This brew has a very bold flavour profile and a slightly strange finish. As far as I'm concerned, Roman Candle IPA tastes like a malt-forward English-style I.P.A. with extra hop crunch near the back. However, according to the Bellwoods website, it's an American I.P.A. that contains 6.8% alcohol.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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