Sunday, 8 December 2013

Stereovision American Kristall Wheat

Stereovision American Kristall Wheat comes from Barrie, Ontario's Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. It contains 5% alcohol and is sold in 355mL bottles that feature one of Flying Monkeys' loud and cool labels.  According to the label, this brew "re-wires the beauty of a North American late-hopped beer with the traditional European wheat beer ...".

Stereovision is a faintly cloudy golden brew. It's very lightly carbonated and topped with a froth of off-white head. It has a fresh, hoppy, citrus aroma. This is an unusual tasting brew. It's fairly light and thin bodied. The front end has the crisp feel of conventional wheat beer, but this gives way to a bitter, citrus finish more characteristic of a pale ale. There are also some faint and somewhat toasty malt notes.

This is a cool hybrid brew, and a pretty cool idea.  Truthfully, though, it's not my favourite of the Flying Monkeys offerings. It's a bit thin and flimsy on the front end, though it finishes nicely.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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