Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Grizzly Beer

Happy New Years from the Stout Man!

Grizzly Beer is a raunchy American Brown Ale brewed by my local brewery, the Bellwoods Brewery, located around the corner from my apartment in Toronto, Ontario. This saucy ale is sold in 650mL bottles and clocks in at a respectable 6.2% alcohol.

Murky and amber brown in colour, Grizzly Beer comes topped with a thick brown head. Its aroma is hoppy, hemp, and a little bit nutty. There's also a dollop of molasses somewhere in there. This is a brown ale with I.P.A. sensibilities. It's wonderfully hoppy, with a touch of spiciness, balanced against a stable malt foundation. There is a whisper of sweetness, but no more than that--molasses and brown sugar in miniscule doses.

Seemingly, everything that Bellwoods creates is a winner. Their Grizzly Beer, a charming ale, is certainly no exception. It's amply hopped, well fortified, and extremely tasty. I count it as one of my favourites in B.B.'s ever-expanding stable of brews.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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