Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hop Cone Syndrome

I downed a 650mL bomber of Hop Cone Syndrome while watching my Toronto Raptors slug it out with the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs on a Monday night. The brew came fresh from the Rainhard Brewing Co.'s bottle shop, purchased a few days earlier. This Torontonian brew contains a hearty 8.5% and an enamel-wrecking 100 IBUs.

A double IPA, Hop Cone Syndrome is slightly hazy and fully brassy. It pours with a beautiful layer of loose, off-white head through which a punchy citrus and resin aroma wafts up. The flavour bites hard to bitter, with powerful citrus hops, laid on top of a very boozy body. There is a pretty hefty layer of sweetness that comes with all that alcohol, but it isn't overblown. As expected with a righteous label featuring hops and fists in the air, the finish is heartily bitter, but not particularly dry.

Having recently been exposed to Rainhard's Armed 'n Citra, I was not totally blown away by Hop Cone. That said, though, it really is a well made and enjoyable strong ale--a beer you're gonna want to track down. As I've mentioned, Rainhard Brewing is a bit off the beaten path, but with engaging, nicely crafted ales like Hop Cone Syndrome, beer drinkers in Toronto would be fools to overlook it.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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