Sunday, 22 May 2016

Barn Owl No. 3

A "mixed fermentation farmhouse ale with Ontario peaches" comes from Toronto's Bellwoods Brewery. I picked up an owl-emblazoned 500mL bottle at the bottle shop, brought it home, and reviewed it with my lovely mother-in-law (who likes to try beers in 2oz. samples).

Here are her idiosyncratic thoughts:

Frothy, fruity, and sangria-esque. Light--the fuzzy navel of beer. Could drink it quite easily. Would dress it up and put fruit in it. Liked it a lot.
The beer was cloudy and orange. It poured with a thin and fluffy white head that faded extremely quickly down to nothing. It had a sharp and yeasty aroma, sitting boldly atop a slightly fruity base. I found the flavour to be a touch tart, particularly early on, with a lovely unripened peach vibe. It's yeasty and a bit funky.

Barn Owl was a pretty decent little farmhouse. It was a bit short of fizziness, which I found a tad disappointing, but packed a lot of flavour into its 6.5% alcohol frame.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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