Monday, 2 May 2016


During a recent visit to the excellent Junction Craft Brewing, one of Toronto's finest beer builders, I had occasion to sample Bravo, a member of their Hops Series. Liked it so much I left the brewery with four 500mL bottles of the stuff. Bottles, it is worth mentioning, that featured really spiffy labels.

Bravo is either an American pale ale or an India session ale depending on your politics. Either way, it's a very light-bodied and low alcohol brew. At just 4%, it's wildly sessionable, but its 48 IBUs give it a pretty respectable whomp. It's a faintly lazy-hazy golden brew, topped with a thin shock of white head. It has a mild but enjoyable aroma that brings fresh citrus to the equation. Crisp and hoppy describe the mouthfeel and flavour respectively. Rounding out the bitterness is a thinnish but juicy fruit taste.

While I might like a bit more depth, Bravo is a lovely and refreshing little ale with a big upside. Definitely worth a trip to Junction's tap room.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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