Sunday, 22 June 2014

Apocalypse Later

Apocalypse Later is a badass black I.P.A. built by Toronto, Ontario's Great Lakes Brewery. I had a 14oz. pour on tap at Bar Hop, one of the Big Smoke's primo beer drinking establishments. It contains an unyielding 9.9% alcohol, which came in handy for my afternoon drinking needs following a ballgame. It's a stout black brew topped with a nice tan head.

For a strong beer, Apocalypse Later has an aroma that is quite understated, with charming evergreen notes alongside resin and citrus. It's understated, but complicated. It has an enjoyably dank flavour that is resinous, grapefuit-y and fiercely hopped. There's even a tiny bit of porter-style espresso and molasses. While very flavourful, the substantial booze content of this stuff is deceptively cloaked--it's silent but deadly. The finish is extremely generously hopped, quite dry, and lingering.

For all of its muscle, after attending a Blue Jays game with the best brother a beer nerd could have (a 12-2 win, too), I found this brew to be wonderfully refreshing. I'd definitely revisit this little beauty.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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