Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dale's Pale Ale

Dale's Pale Ale is a zesty little pale ale from Oskar Blues Brewery's Brevard, North Carolina location. It contains 6.5% alcohol. The 355mL can advises that cans are "infinitely recyclable" and that one should "pack it in, pack it out". Good advice. Dale's is billed as "mountain pale ale" and as a "huge, voluminously hopped mutha of a pale ale".

This is a cloudy, brown-gold pale ale, topped with a loose but durable foam of creamy head. It's pungent nose is amply hoppy, but also packs some dark fruit essence. There's a noteworthy malt profile, but it's dwarfed by a sizable bill of hops. This is bitter stuff--dank and resinous, with a glimmer of raisin.

With its excellent looking red, white, and blue cans, big flavour, significant gravity, and environmental leanings, Dale's is definitely the kind of beer that I'd bring along on a camping trip. Highly enjoyable beer!

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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