Friday, 6 June 2014

Samuel Smith's Organic Pale Ale

Brewed at "the Old Brewery" in Tadcaster, UK, by Samuel Smith's Brewery, Samuel Smith's Organic Pale Ale is a clear, copper coloured brew that pours underneath an ecru head. It's sold in 550mL bottles (which is a swell, if unusual size for a beer) and contains 5% alcohol. The label has a USDA organic logo.

S.S.O.P.A. has a boisterous nose with elements of maltiness, sweet grains, bitterness, and something metallic. In the flavour, toasty, bready malts kick things off, but give way to a rich, coppery bitterness. According to the label, this stuff is "fermented in stone Yorkshire squares" and this somehow "creates a full-bodied rounded palate". Don't ask me how.

If I had my way, this beer would be a touch hoppier and have a healthier alcohol content. However, it's a flavourful and well balanced ale, and one that gets cool points for being organic.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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