Sunday, 8 January 2012

Neustadt 10W30

Neustadt 10W30 hails, not surprisingly, from Neustadt, Ontario, where it is brewed by the Neustadt Springs Brewery.  The 473mL can describes 10W30 as a "Malty Grain Premium Dark Ale", and features the grille of a classic car.  The brew contains 5.5% alcohol.
10W30 pours a crystal clear, dark walnut colour, like the finish of the antique desk I would like to have in my office.  Surprisingly, it pours with very little head, though it does lace nicely.  It is lightly carbonated.

The aroma is a pleasing blend of malt, yeast and molasses, like a rich multigrain bread.  10W30 has a really excellent flavour that is unexpectedly mild but considerably nuanced.  It is graced with caramel, walnut and toffee notes and a very subtle aftertaste.  It is a delightfully gentle brown ale.

Typically, I'm a booster of dark ales that has strong flavours, but 10W30 manages to be extremely enjoyable despite its tame flavour.  This is a dark beer that can be appreciated by almost anyone.  My only genuine complaint is that I would like to see more carbonation and a bit of head on top of my pint.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. Do you know why it is named after engine oil?

  2. I would have guessed because of the dark colour, but I'll see if the brewery has a different explanation. Thanks for the question!