Monday, 2 January 2012

Hockley Stout

Hockley Stout is the progeny of the Hockley Valley Brewing Co. out of Orangeville, Ontario.  It checks in at a lean 4.2% alcohol and comes in a 473mL can.  According to the can, this brew "pours like liquid midnight."  Sounds good.
The stout does pour black and opaque.  It is topped with a cap of brown head.  It looks like thick, still root beer.  It has an exceedingly rich aroma of molasses and brown sugar.  For all of the richness of the aroma, the actual flavour is quite mild.  It's heavy on molasses, with notes of coffee, but, by stout standards, tastes quite light.  The aftertaste is relatively bitter.

Hockley is pretty drinkable for a stout.  I'd like a bit more alcohol content and a bit bolder a flavour, but its a pretty good pint.  Worth a look.

Rating: 7.5

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