Monday, 16 January 2012


Palm is a feisty little ale from Steenhuffel, Belgium.  It's brewed by Palm Breweries and it clocks in at 5.4%.  It is a popular brew sold in green, 330mL bottles.  Palm pours a rich red-gold colour.  It is topped with a moderate amount of white head and has considerable carbonation.

This tasty brew has a misleadingly mild aroma of fruit (possibly apple?).  The taste is quite full, with notes of crisp apple.  There is a really nice balance between sweet and bitterness going on in this one.  Palm is tangy and has a sweetish aftertaste that mingles malt, apple and pear.

Palm is a nice mild ale.  Its slightly elevated alcohol content and "crunchy" apple flavour make it a frequent visitor to my refrigerator.  And like a good guest, it seldom overstays its welcome.  It'd take a bit more hops character to get this brew into the upper echelons of Western European ales, but despite that, it's still a fine mug o' suds.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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