Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Anticipation

I am, by my nature, a pleasure delayer.  At dinner, I always save my favourite dish for last.  Ditto when, as I child, I would decide the order in which my Halloween candy would be consumed.  It's the same with beer.  When I'm reviewing a beer I spend a shocking amount of time sizing it up: examining, smelling, assessing, describing.  All this before actually tasting the damn thing.  In a weird way, this is among my favourite things about trying a new beer.  I relish those few moments before actually sampling a new brew, trying to imaging what it will taste like.  For me, this anticipation is a sublime pleasure, particularly if the beer in question looks great and smells wonderful.

Happy New Years from the Stout Man.  Cheers! Prost! Pura vida! Kampai! Slainte!

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