Friday, 9 December 2016

Sweetgrass Golden Ale

As far as I know, Sweetgrass Golden Ale is the only suds manufactured by Hamilton, Ontario's Sweetgrass Brewing Co. It's a clear, happy golden ale that pours with a sudsy cover of bright white head. At just 22 IBUs and 4.9%, this stuff won't blow you down with strength, but it isn't particularly anemic either.

Sweetgrass has a mellow, beery aroma that is chiefly malty and supplemented with some sweet corn notes and just a soft whisper of hops. The flavour is similarly constructed. It's malt-focused, with sweet grains and corn carrying the bulk of the weight and only a soupçon of hops to usher you out the door at the end. Though, it should be said that the finish takes on a slightly deeper character as the beer warms, going from "plain" to "pleasant".

This is a good enough beer. It's refreshing. It's crisp. It's fine. It isn't unique or remarkable. Not memorable. Not much of anything, really, except beer. A decent summer ale, though I hit it in November. I'll probably buy it again, but I'm in no rush. Perhaps when the weather turns.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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