Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Citradelic Single Hop IPA

Calgary, Alberta's Big Rock Brewery is the outfit responsible for Citradelic Single Hop IPA, a 6% alcohol, 67 IBU ale that pours with a healthy, hazy copper colour. The 473mL can featured a weird hop cheerleader and the beer within poured with a thin quilt of off-white head. This India pale is brewed with the famed Citra hop.

This beer had an oddly mild aroma characterized with lemongrass and citrus notes. The flavour had quite a bit more pop, but it was still curiously mild. Citrus elements and hops were the main drivers of this ale.

Having sampled a few other single hop IPAs that feature Citra (see Karma Citra, which I think I reviewed too harshly at 7.5, for example), I won't pretend that Citradelic is the best of the bunch, but it is pretty tasty. It was an enjoyable enough beverage, but not as assertively hoppy or juicily fruity as I'd have liked.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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