Thursday, 15 December 2016

MacLean's Farmhouse Blonde

From Hanover, in Grey County, Ontario, comes MacLean's Farmhouse Blonde. A light-bodied 4.8% alcohol beer brewed by MacLean's Ales, this stuff is crafted using Ontario hops and barley. It's sold in somewhat spartan mustard coloured cans that house 473mL of the bright, clear, and fizzy golden ale. It poured with a fluffy white head and a bit of sediment.

The aroma is heartily malty and very fresh smelling, with lots of grains and a bit of sweetness. Though listed as a farmhouse ale, this brew doesn't share too much with the traditional boozy saison, though it is a bit yeasty, finishes dryly, and is amply carbonated. The flavour starts fresh and malty, with a touch of fruit flavour, before giving way to a dry and slightly bitter back end.

MacLean's Ales have proven pretty reliable and well made. Their Farmhouse Ale is no different--nice, if muted, flavour, the beer is crisp and dry. I'd have liked a bit more pop and a bit more alcohol, but it was nice ad steady. A fine beer.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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