Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Fake Plastic Trees

In a 473mL can bearing the silhouette of the City of Charlotte, NC (one of my favourite places), comes Fake Plastic Trees. This "hoppy wheat ale" came to me by way of an exchange with MM, a real friend to the Bitter World, and a classy lass, too. FPT is brewed in the Queen City, by the folks at Birdsong Brewing Co. It contains a respectable 6.4% alcohol and pours hazy, almost milky, and golden, beneath a very fluffy covering of bright white foam. 

To my nose, this beer came off with a rowdy lemon aroma, and featured a healthy dose of citrus hops. With a thin but crisp mouthfeel, this beer was both refreshing and deceptively strong. The can told me to expect lemongrass, and that's just what I got in the flavour, which was slightly spicy, coupled with citrusy hops and a bit of yeastiness.

Fake Plastic Trees is both a solid rock song and a tasty wheat ale. Refreshing, yet punchy, with a decently hoppy finish. My only real beef with this one was its too thin mouthfeel.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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