Thursday, 1 December 2016


Block 3 Brewing Company does their crafting in St. Jacobs, Ontario. That's the venue where they brew Frankenstout, their 5% alcohol "session stout." When tipped out of the 500mL bottle, I found the ale to possess a handsome black coffee colour and it poured with a thick sheet of tan head. Very attractive.

The nose, while mild, had some depth, and featured roasted malt notes and a hint of something chocolatey. Mellow and creamy to sip, this beer was very smooth. It was a little thin in the flavour department, though the tastes represented were all lovely: tobacco, mocha, and, above all, well-roasted malts. The finish shifted into a casual bitterness that I quite enjoyed.

While 5% isn't quite what I'd call "sessionable," I did find Block 3's Frankenstout to be easy-drinking and approachable. While I might have asked for the flavour to be amplified a bit, they did make for a pleasing combination. This beer tasted really well made and convinced me that the folks at Block 3 know their stuff. I'll be checking out their other offerings for sure.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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