Friday, 25 March 2016

Crosscut Canadian Ale

I drank a can of Crosscut Canadian Ale in what I think were entirely appropriate conditions to drink a beer with a forestry image on the can--outdoors, -10C, wearing a plaid shirt.

The beer in question comes Mackinnon Brothers Brewing Co., which operates out of Bath, Ontario. Crosscut contains a respectable 5.2% alcohol. It comes in 473mL cans. Outside of the can, it proves to be a clear, copper-hued ale. It pours with a thin topping of off-white head. I know that I already used copper to describe the hue, but coppery is also a very apt adjective to describe the scent of this ale--it's metallic and quite pleasant to the nose. The flavour passes from a healthy toasted malt character into a faintly hoppy, tinny finish. Really enjoyable stuff, except that it's a tad thin of body.

According to the copy on the can, the Mackinnon Brothers' ancestors settled in Upper Canada in 1784 as farmers and the brothers are the 8th generation of the family to work the same parcel of land, and they've chosen to do so by operating a farm-based brewery. I love the idea of brewers who are that involved in the growing of their own ingredients. I'll be watching out for more of their beers for sure.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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